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to Better Serve our owner operators, We Offer…

Cargo & Liability Insurance
Fikes Truck Line provides cargo and liability insurance at no cost to the

Comdata Fuel Card

Fikes Truck Line allows you to use a Comdata Fuel Card for convenient
fueling with deductions made out of a settlement at the end of each week.

Home Weekends by Choice

We here at Fikes know how important home time is to you. We get you home to
spend the time with your family that you need.

Weekly Settlement

Fikes Truck Line pays you every week for the loads you have turned in by
cut–off time. No waiting two weeks to a month to receive your statement.

Direct Deposit

You can receive your check by mail or we can set up direct deposit for
paper-free banking.

Quarterly Fuel Taxes Filed

We file your quarterly fuel taxes for you, saving you time and unnecessary

Centralized, No-Force Dispatch

Contractors have come to know and trust our dispatchers. You do not
have to get to a location and call a different office. Although you are
expected to take freight that is available, you have the final decision.
Therefore, we give you the ability to make deadlines and run the areas you like
to run the most.

Satellite Communications

Satellite Communications is available to you for faster and more convenient
communication with dispatch.

All Permits Furnished

You will run under Fikes authority and we will provide all permits needed for
your daily operation.

No Company Equipment

Fikes is 100% Owner Operator. Although we provide lease purchase
opportunities, Fikes has no company equipment on the road.

Contractor Referral Program

Contractors are our most important means of growth. To reward you for your
diligent efforts in recruiting, we have a referral bonus that has recently been

Equipment Available

Annual Company Picnic

Our annual company picnic is one of the highlights of the year. It
gathers our Fikes family together for fun and frolic. The day-long celebration
is to thank you, the contractor, for the job you do daily.

Cash on Comcard Available

Emergencies happen on the road. If you need emergency money, we can
help and then deduct it from your settlement for the following week.

Weekly Newsletters and Company Updates

We publish a weekly newsletter with company updates to keep you informed on the
latest news at Fikes and on the road. This newsletter provides you with
Customer and Contractor spotlights, news about what is happening at Fikes, as
well as any news or changing events that affect your job daily.

After Hours Emergency Numbers

Emergencies happen out on the road. Fikes´ staff volunteers to man the phones
on their own time to better serve you in times of need.

Tag Program

You can tag your equipment through Fikes´ convenient payroll deductions.

Trailer Rental Program

To better serve your trailer needs, Fikes contractors can rent a
trailer with reasonable payments.

Driver Voice Mail

Fikes provides voice mail service for each contractor so that family and
friends can leave messages day or night. This service is provided free of

Yearly Safety Awards Program

We reward contractors who fulfill the necessary safety requirements
over a period of one year. A plaque and gift are sent to the contractor upon
completion of these requirements every year.


As part of Fikes fleet, you have increased buying power. We can help you get
the best prices at many vendors with whom Fikes does business. You will be able
to get the best possible prices on your trucking needs.

Also available through payroll deductions for qualified

  • Health Insurance
  • Occupational Accident
  • Deadhead Insurance
  • Physical Damage Insurance
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance
  • Passenger’s Insurance